About Me

My Background

In my backyard in Darwin California...

Born in Hollywood raised in Calabasas California. Went to Agoura high school, College of the Redwoods, studied arranging, film scoring, and composition at Dick Groves school of music and UCLA.

In the mid 90's I flew a few airplanes down the the Dominican Republic and started a areal fumigation business, making that country my home for most of the year. A few years ago I showed an old statue I had made years ago to my friend and neighbor, and renowned sculpture Jim Hunolt, in Darwin. He gave me a piece of Roman Travertine do make another.  

My Medium

Face in Roman Travertine.

After completing the Face in Roman Travertine I returned to the DR and started casting and carving in plaster. There is no plaster viable here except wall plaster, which I find to be very suitable and interesting to work with. Unfortunately I haven't found any thing like it in the US so I use Plaster of Paris and casting plaster when I'm stateside.

My Inspiration

Silicone mold and plaster cast.

After I created a few designs and faces I enjoyed I made RTV silicone molds of them and started using different concrete pigments to come up with various pastel like tints. I enjoy uncovering a new cast with a new color, the variety and options seem limitless.